An artist's illustration of an Earth-like planet. The search for planets that are similar to Earth is one of NASA's main goals. Many planets have already been discovered orbiting other stars, but so far only larger planets (the size of Jupiter or larger) have been found. New missions are being planned by NASA which will be able to detect smaller Earth-sized planets. Some of these missions will also try to detect signs of life on these planets by studying emissions in their atmospheres.


Worlds: A Mission of Discovery

Book Review: 'Worlds: A Mission of Discovery' by Alec Gillis

This is essentially a movie style picture book. This book is huge. The width is just shorter than my keyboard.

The story premise is on space exploration. It is told in a photo essay way with captions and quotes. The write up is pretty interesting.

Here's an excerpt:

"Toxicity analysis showed that a large portion of the creature's body was incompatible with my digestive system, so I carefully avoided those areas. Even so, after eating I became violently ill, suffering nausea and hallucinations for two days. I discovered the only edible tissue is the facia between the skin and muscle. Even that tastes like a shoe marinated in battery acid."

The pictures included in the book are amazing, and big. They look as if taken from a real camera, with details like depth of field. The creatures created are very realistic. I've absolutely no idea how they create those creatures. A quick look at the credits on the back suggest a combination of 3D and sculptures.

This is an interesting book that can be read as fast as a comic book.

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Product Description:

Worlds is more than just an absorbing and, ultimately, heart-wrenching work of fiction, it is a visual masterpiece. Not since Wayne Barlowe's Expedition has an artist conceived an alien biosphere in such baroque detail, while remaining true to nature's fundamental principles of adaptation, selection and ecological interdependence. These worlds are intricately conceived, their biomes scientifically plausible, while possessing a sufficient sense of the quirky and outrageous to mirror nature's own outlandish inventiveness.

Worlds is a visual depiction of humankind's first exploration of life-supporting planets, shown in a dynamic vérité photographic style and told in a firstperson narrative. Created by Academy Award-nominated visual effects artist Alec Gillis, Worlds leads the reader on a journey to undiscovered landscapes, populated by unknown life forms. Worlds is a mission of discovery that becomes a struggle for survival, and in the process celebrates humanity's spirit of exploration.

"...a visual masterpiece...."
- writer/director James Cameron


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