An artist's illustration of an Earth-like planet. The search for planets that are similar to Earth is one of NASA's main goals. Many planets have already been discovered orbiting other stars, but so far only larger planets (the size of Jupiter or larger) have been found. New missions are being planned by NASA which will be able to detect smaller Earth-sized planets. Some of these missions will also try to detect signs of life on these planets by studying emissions in their atmospheres.


Looking into the Future!

An artist's impression of the new worlds. If mankind survives another 1000 years the human race will have great knowledge and power to make new worlds. (Click image to enlarge)

Can a planet have two Suns? "YES"

News articles about a planet have 2 or 3 suns.

Many planets may have double suns
Worlds with double sunsets common
Planets with Two Suns Likely Common
First Planet Under Three Suns Is Discovered
Planet-Forming Disk Discovered Orbiting Twin Suns
Surprise Discovery: Two Planets, Two Stars, One System

Quest for New Life

Recent discoveries of new planets in far-distant constellations have pushed scientists to search for signs of intelligent life among the stars of the Milky Way galaxy. Within the next ten years scientists will incerase their power of signal-detection equipment at least a thousand-fold. Scientists at the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrail Intelligence) will try to discovery evidence of intelligence elsewhere in the universe. Researchers also plan to broaden their search to 10 Million stars.

The universe is infinite and the chance of other life forms existing is quite likely, especially when 10 Million stars are scanned. What does this mean to us here on Earth? If distant life is discovered on planets that are suitable for humans we may find ourselves moving off of this earth and heading out to "new worlds", maybe even just for a vacation. Some people say the universe is a living being. In all this excitement about new planet discoveries there is one thing not to be taken for granted. The Earth. For the earth is where the beings of today evolved and we will consciously (or subconsciously) maintain a connection to our life giving planet somewhere deep in our hearts.

Learn How You Can Help Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
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Alien Radiotelescope probes the sky for signs of Intelligent Life.

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